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BOUTIQ Switch Liquid Live Diamonds Disposable - 2 Grams

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BOUTIQ Switch Liquid Live Diamonds Disposable - 2 Grams

The Boutiq Switch - Now Available in Orange County!

Boutiq brand's latest vape offering is one of the most ingenious disposable weed vape designs we've ever seen. Not only do you get a high-quality, 2 gram disposable vape, you get two strains in one! Introducing the Boutiq Switch: an all-in-one disposable weed pen that allows you to switch between two strains, or even hit both at the same time! Boutiq is a licensed and experienced cannabis vape manufacturer well-known in Boston, but now available in California. We are proud to be one of the few delivery services in Orange County that carry their newest product line.

Make The Switch Today

If it's not enough that the Boutiq Switch offers two strains in one, consider the versatility of having a vape that has sativa oil AND hybrid oil. Currently on the menu is Passion Fruit/Peach Ringz, giving you the option to choose to select the sativa Passion Fruit or hit the button and switch to the hybrid Peach Ringz. Whether you want something uplifting or a little more relaxing, the Boutiq Switch 2g Disposable Pen allows this with the push of a button. You can even hit the button two times to activate both flavors at once!

Two Grams, Two Strains, One Pen

Even more appealing, liquid live diamonds are a much more potent oil concentrate than the distillate oil found in many other weed vape brands, consistently testing as high as over 90% THC! If you're looking for taste and potency, along with the innovative versatility of having 2 strains in 1 disposable, the 2 gram Boutiq Switch is the obvious choice.

From the manufacturer:
Our team here at Boutiq has been tirelessly exploring, designing, and refining to bring you something truly exceptional - the Boutiq Switch.

To us, this isn’t just another device; it’s truly a game-changer. Born from the desire to provide flexibility and convenience — with the ability to choose between two strains or merge them for a unique experience, plus the modern touch of USB-C charging, we’ve tailored every detail to enhance your moments of relaxation and exploration.

It’s been a journey of relentless testing and innovation, all to ensure that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. From the drawing board to your hand, every step has been guided by our commitment to quality and your pursuit of choice.

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